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Whilst updating my website this year I thought it'd be fun to add a Blog!

2018 has been all about growing as an Actress and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to try get involved with different projects and more challenging characters. While January is always a time for me to relax slightly after the intense Christmas period performing, I find it the perfect time to set new goals for the year ahead. Now it's MARCH ALREADY! How did that happen? I realise I've only made the tiniest dent on my goals so far... but I guess it's definitely better than nothing.

I have a background in dance and aerial performance and I've been looking at how to incorporate that more into acting roles. I even looked at the requirements of the Stunt Register! (Aim high, you know ;) ) Well... let me tell you, the requirements to become a registered Stunt Artist is truly a work of art in itself. I applaud anyone that has succeeded in that because their requirements are intense! Now I am all about aiming high, but I think this may have been slightly too ambitious even for me. Anyway I am going off on a tangent now... basically I wondered how I could use my years of performing at height, in harnesses and doing tricks into the tv and film industry that I am now focused on. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get involved in any projects feel free to message me.

Another big focus for me this year is connecting with fellow actors and networking. I think this is so important to learn and be more involved with projects that are happening around you. Being based in the North of England I feel it is slightly harder than if we we're based in London. Although they're plenty of workshops and events in Manchester there seems to be a lack of things around Leeds, Sheffield and Liverpool which always surprises me as these cities have SO much going on! Where are the best places to meet, socialise and network with your fellow actors in Leeds? Sheffield? Manchester? Liverpool?

M x

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